Linn Energy(Line), an institutional trade analysis makes 19% in 2 days

Linn Energy (Line): A huge mover, 19% in 2 days (4 % to the downside, 15 % to the upside). I noticed that a big positioning from a trader (probably institutional) that Linn Energy (Line) stock will go down then it will go up. On 16th June 2013, I saw that Trade in unusual options activity trader bought 30 put options (shorted the stock) and sold 35 put options (long position). On June 17th stock gaps down by 4%, I believe he locked his profits from his short position, right immediately stock started to move from the low and made 9% intraday move to the upside although the whole market was down on that day,17th June 2013. On the following day (June 18th) stock gaps up and moves another 6%, TOATL 19% move in 2 days in both sides. This is only possible when big players are the buyers of a stock; image clarifies the trade in details!

All of the trade results above are illustrations of the principle.