Humana Trade, An Institutional Trade moves 19%

Humana Inc gave us 7% in two days, although we could have made much more than that, in three days the stock moved 19%, yes it sounds incredible. You can verify it on the chart and on my twitter alerts on March 28th. Humana Inc (Hum) had a perfect set up to move higher, plus I saw in the options flow that some trader bought a big block of call options , it could be that he had some inside news or may be expecting a big news that was about to come out about this company. I jumped into this trade seeing such a huge volume buying and a great set up. That trader turned out to be right, health care funding cut will be less than predicted for the health care insurer companies, Hum will benefit from it in a big way. Following the news the stock moved 19% in 3 days; you can see the move in the chart from March 28th to April 2nd! Click on the image

All of the trade results above are illustrations of the principle.