Tiffany(tif) Trade, Fundamental & Options analysis explained!

Tiffany & Co (tif): A nice 23% profits! Fundamentally Tiffany has Market cap of 8.21 B. Ratio analysis wise, P/E 19.90, PEG 1.97, 2.19* sales, 3.35* book, 23.74* cash flow. Analysts’ recommendation for this stock is buy with a price target of 60$. Technically, Tiffany had a perfect technical (chart) set up to make a move; also I noticed money flows in retail stocks. Therefore, I bought some calls (options) on 14th February at 1.17* 10 contracts; I sold 5 contracts on the following day at 1.45-23% profits, and rest of the 5 contracts at 1.80-53% profits in one day. I alerted on twitter on 14th about Tiffany & Co. This was a nice options play. You can click on image for technical analysis!

All of the trade results above are illustrations of the principle.