First Solar(fslr), A Solar Energy stock that doubled up!

Opportunity Trade(FSLR): We are always looking for opportunities. During the US elections, we were keeping a close eye on stocks that would get support from Obama and Romney policies. Since polls were showing Obama ahead, we were more focused on Obama supported stocks that would get a boost if he is elected. First Solar (FSLR) is a name that is considered as an Obama stock since he supports clean green energy. On November 5th , We bought some stocks of “FSLR” for 22.60$, and sold them two days later at 25.25$ - 11% profit in two days .Then the stock pulled back in the following days of the election, then kept elevating higher, we believe “FSLR” will have more upside in the coming weeks as the market gets bit stronger.On December 13/ 2012, FSLR making us 44%.

All of the trade results above are illustrations of the principle.