How CRM Earnings Play Made 700% in oneday

Trade Details : On August 28th, I saw a huge block of calls buying, it was not an options spread, it was a pure buying of calls options as the Volume> Open interest. It means a big investor or institutional was taking a big position in the stock for the upside after earnings reportings. On 29th August, CRM reports its earnings afterhours, the  stock makes a 10% move right after earnings report. On the following day, August 30th, Stock kept moving higher to 49.94$, stock was trading at 43.23$ when I posted my alert- a 15% move. I bought calls options at $22 per contract, it went up to 176$, a 700% move in oneday. I added my Tweet alert with the chart , tweet of 28th  August where I alerted my followers about a block of calls buying and details of that trade 

All of the trade results above are illustrations of the principle.