Malik A

Tariq I wanted to thank you for all the hard work that you do for us. I joined the service almost three weeks back as basic service but within a week upgraded to the elite service. What boosted my confidence was that you are not like the other people in the industry who try to impress investors like us giving them big and complex strategies rather you give them simple strategies and you your self do the same trade as you tell us. In my last three weeks touchwood I have made substantial returns even though the markets have been going down. Some of these trades are $appl more than 100% amen , then 200% on $Nflx ,  $five 40% and last but not least the crazy trade we did yesterday on $tsla for more then 100% though it went up to 200% though first I thought this trade is a doomse day but your analysis and confidence got us this return. Keep up the good work and I hope to have much more winning trades going forward.

Juan Flores, Options Trader

Thank you for your has been the best service I have ever used for trading options, hands down. Your weekly Elite emails points us to stocks that are "in play". Your daily analysis of the market in the chat room helps us get a feel for the direction of the market on a daily basis. You don't over-complicate your analysis which is good for new traders and also helps us seasoned traders to concentrate on actively analyzing daily support and resistance levels without a lot of other unnecessary technical analysis. Also, your alerts for big block trades in options points us to the stocks that are getting ready to make big moves. I also like that you encourage all members to ask questions in the chat room if they have any which promotes learning for all members.
Keep up the good work as you have earned yourself a lifetime subscriber!

Andrew kapur, Trader

I now have a great new strategy when trading. A few weeks ago I joined the Chat room. Using block trade analysis, chart reading, and market analysis, Tariq helps his members to make some great trades. I personally have made money on many trades that were generated mostly from unusal options volume analysis which earned 20%-70% in one day. I now feel much more confident in my trades and continue to work with Tariq on a daily basis.

Ralph Abou-Nader, Telus

J'ai decidé de prendre les cours d’apprentissage avec un expert en actions et options pour pouvoir acquerir plus d'experience et de connaisance sur le marché boursier. Depuis que nos séances ont débuté , j'ai appris beaucoup de tactiques pour réduire mes risques de faire des erreurs et d’ augmenter mes profits et aussi Tariq m’a appris comment faire de l'analyse technique des actions et m’a envoyé plusieurs symboles de compagnies avec l'analyse et ses predictions. Jusqu'à date, ses predictions ont été très précises et m’ont aidé à réduire mes pertes avec AAPL et augmenter mes gains avec CISCO. Surtout, j'ai appris sur l’analyse des indices (SPX, Nasdaq, Dow, Rut), C’est très important parce que 75% des actions bouge avec le mouvement des indices. On m’a expliqué la manipulation du marché, les rotations sectorielles, la force et la faiblesse conjoncturelle sur le marché boursier et les actions individuels. Elle comprenait également la gestion des risques, des prises de bénéfices des stratégies et des erreurs commises par la plupart des commerçants de la cupidité et de la peur. Je recommande à tous et à toutes de prendre ses cours d’enseignement , vous serez très content des résultats.

Eric Johnson, Businessman

Netflix made me 20% profits in a month; Rimm 12% in a day and Aapl (Aaple) put options 50% a day using technical analysis. He always updated us with market conditions and how these stocks are behaving with respect to the market. I used other services before; I would surely recommend his services. After taking his coaching, I trade more confidently than ever before and I’m expecting to make higher profits this year from his trade alerts. I like his opinions on how to take profits and risk management commentaries. My portfolio has rised of 15% in last 3 months.

Chris Ryan, Trader

I made good profits in Bac (9%) , Cisco (3%) and Ford( 7%) in two weeks and expecting much more $$$. As I was new to trading, I was randomly buying stocks thinking these stocks seem to be cheap since they have low P/E ratio and also I heard a lot about these companies in the news. After taking his coaching I realized how important it is to know technical analysis and more experienced traders and hedge fund managers’ trade looking at technical analysis. He elaborated how Apple went from 700$ to 515$ and it’s obvious in technical analysis. Most importantly, I learned the exact buy points and sell points that helps me to better manage my profits and losses , also I learned when a stock is about to make a major move.

John B. , Trader

Earlier in my career, I was trading stocks only, I always wanted to learn options trading. Finally I took some options trading lessons from him. I have been very successful as I could play for upside, downside or sideways movements in any market condition! In October, I took several intraday plays, I bought aapl (Apple) put options and bidu (BIDU) calls options , I made 60% with those plays. Most importantly, his analysis on market direction is very useful. It helps me maximize my profit and minimize my loss! His market report is very helpful; anyone can get all necessary information from him every day. It saves a lot of my time! I do not need to do my research every morning since it included all necessary information needed for that day with all trade analysis. I just chose the ones that fit my trading style from his analysis! 

Gurjit Singh, Accountant

Stockoptionexpert's calls have been right on spot! In september, I took position in STZ based on his technical analysis, and made 10% in the next day. I played GE which he mentioned was an event related play with heavy call option activity during that time, and ended up making 5% in following two days even though the market was down. Finally i took some positons in BAC based on option activities, and I've made 4% in one day. I was able to make some quick profits in a short period of time. I would definitely suggest his services!