Tariq Doha (Pursuing CPA) - Technical Analyst, Equities & Options Analyst (Swing/Position trader)

Trading is my passion. I enjoy trading every day. I always pay attention to the Market sentiment, price, action & the volume of the stocks. Also, I trade what I see (price) rather than following all news buzz or presumptions about the market moves.

expert-tariqI trade in stocks & options. Options’ trading allows me to see future positions of other investors as options allow investors to take positions in future weeks and months. When Google & Apple were making new highs & lows, I saw that in options volume & flow. It paid off huge, especially during earnings season you could see how investors are taking their positions for post earnings move in the stocks, it can only be seen in options flows. This is the kind of information that I can share with investors who will subscribe for my services.

My coaching from veteran successful traders (who turned 20K to 100K), intense analysis, my outside the box thinking is helping me hit my target profits. I have been very profitable in every market condition: buying in a bull market, short selling in a down market (selling at a higher price, buying back at a lower price), buying & selling calls and puts (options), and range bound trades for day trading. Trade rule wise, I exit with 3-5% lose if any trades go against me, most of my trades profits are realized within a few days to a few weeks! My ability to analyse & be flexible to adjust with market movements to hold winners and cutting losses early help me hit my targets.

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Miguel Romain, CFA Miguel has been trading options for several years and specializes in iron condors and credit spreads strategies. He has worked in the brokerage industry where he helped manage portfolios for high net worth individuals. After a short stint as an accountant and earning his Chartered Financial Analyst designation, he started trading options and spearheaded several small businesses, namely in the education field. He has been instrumental in providing guidance for and will continue to offer fundamental analysis support and counseling for option related strategies.

Nusrat Sultana, CA, CPA Nusrat has worked at some of the most prestigious accounting firms in both Quebec and Ontario and as a result, she has many years of financial reporting experience. She supports by providing financial statement and ratio analysis of public companies 

Hitesh Patel Hitesh has worked in a stock broker company for five years. He uses his vast experiences & knowledge of trading in the European and north American markets to find the best timing & trends in choosing his winning pairs (ex-usd/jpy) in the currency markets on a daily basis. His specialization is in strong day trading techniques with advance technical analysis and risk management helps him reaching his profit targets consistently in forex trading. He has experience of mentoring a lot of traders.