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This elite site is for stock and options traders. Our goal is to consistently make profits under any market conditions with our daily analysis. We follow major cash flow investing trends in stocks by detecting institutional investors’ money.

The Options market is a major leading indicator that provides us information about future positions of other investors. We analyse options market activities to determine future positions of investors in stocks in order to have an edge in taking our positions. Our investments emphasize on fundamentals, technical analysis, earning reports and take over news to take advantage of events that can cause a movement in stock prices.


We provide live trading ideas in our chat room and trading coaching either face to face or via emails. We analyze indices, market sentiment and institutional block trading (smart money) to select the best set ups to increase our gains. Our subscribers can watch us execute trades and learn how to implement trades on their own. Our trading ideas combined with our coaching, can help you maximize your profits.

We provide financial education and hands on training to trade stocks, options and Forex trading. Using our training and tools, you will be able to manage your investment independently either at home or on your job like a professional. We explain you the risks and rewards of investing in the stock market.

We simplify the analytical process of different markets & stocks, and how you can be successful in the stock market. We also show you how to take advantage of your knowledge and skills of your own industry stocks, e.g. real estate companies stocks, financial stocks, insurance stocks, oil & gas stocks, material and construction stocks, health care stocks, retail stocks, computer & electronics stocks, energy, transportation, chemical, fertilizers stocks. To add, most of my trade ideas profits are relaized within a few days to a few weeks.

We are trading in all market conditions. In a Bull market we are buying, in a down market we are short selling (Selling at a high price, buying back at a lower price). We scan hundreds of stocks every day. Every day, we are analysing the major indices movements and market sentiment. We are always looking for opportunities. For instance, during the US elections we bought First Solar stock(FSLR), since that stock would get a boost from Obama policies, conversely we shorted Coal stocks as Romney policies supported those stocks. During earnings, we target stocks that have a higher growth potential we invested on Starbucks (SBUX) which moved 9% after reporting earnings. We focus on technical analysis a lot since in a short term view fundamental analysis does not change a lot. We analyse daily which stocks are making new highs or lows, which are breaking major trend lines, which has bullish or bearish chart. We also analyse gap up stocks, upgraded and downgraded stocks and take our positions accordingly to maximize profits. Our profit records can be seen in performance and blog!

Our daily real time market reports and analysis provide our clients with Market review report (which includes Premarket gainers and gap up stocks names in the morning, major indices analysis, Futures, upcoming economic events, insider trading, money inflow and outflow report from stocks, names of stocks with heavy options activities etc ) and trading strategies using Market sentiment (stat says 50% stocks price movements are related to market sentiment), fundamental and technical analysis to maximize profits. We also provide stock and options trading ideas based on subscriptions that focus on market sentiment, sector analysis( wallstreet investors always rotating between sectors), options activities as well as fundamental and technical analysis. We will also add chart analysis with every suggested trade Idea.

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