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Extensive Coaching

 Interpret & analyse like a pro! 

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How to analyze Charts/markets

Price/vol relationships

What makes stocks move



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Extensive Coaching

Course Outline: (Partial)


  • To develop an advanced capacity to interpret & better analyse stocks and markets, to be successful in the stock market.



  • Detailed interpretations of P/E, EPS, Revenue, Profits, Cash flow etc



  • Price & Volume relationship (Dow Theory)
  • Support/Resistance (professional set up)
  • How to set up your charts and time frames (Daily and intraday)
  • How to use technical indicators such as Moving averages, EMA, Macd, RSI, Bollinger band, Scholastic, Fibonacci in charts etc (Advance)
  • Chart Analysis: How to recognize Channels, Bulls bear flag, Pennants
  • Technical: How to trade gaps up/down
  • Technical: When to enter or exit a trade to be profitable or cut loses
  • Chart patterns: How to recognize chart patterns, ex- H&S (inverse), Cup and handle, Double top/bottom, Triple top/bottom
  • Candlesticks charting: Candle names and interpretations of them in real time charts(advance)
  • When to enter or exit a trade to be profitable or cut loses
  • Major Market conditions in Wall street (SP-500, DOW, NASDAQ)
  • How news affects markets ( Fomc, Job reports, Gdp, International news etc)
  • What makes market and stocks move ( market sentiment analysis)
  • How to read if more buyers or sellers presence in a stock (Accumulation vs Distribution)
  • Timing: finding a safe time to trade and knowing when to stay away from market
  • Trading psychology: Decision making, understanding emotions, balancing hope and fear
  • Market Analysis: Bull/bear or sideways
  • Algorithms: How machines are set to buy and sell
  • Institutional trading: How to read institutional positioning from unusual options volume analysis (Stockoptionexpert expertise)
  • How to select your stocks: Sector analysis, Market strength & weakness analysis
  • Top down Analysis – How to analyze indices charts, monitoring sectors and industry groups, and ETFs.
  • Type of traders (day trader, swing trader, position trader),
  • Understanding yourself (learning from your mistakes)
  • Understanding the most common mistakes made by most traders
  • How professional traders think
  • How to interpret upgrades or downgrades
  • Risk management: Lesson on risk and money management, placing stops, setting targets, surviving shakeout and price manipulation .Your key to success in the stock market.
  • Tips & tricks to be a successful trader
  • ..And much more real time stock & market analysis


Means of communication:

  • Email, Document, Live Chat (live Analysis of stocks & options), Skype (live questions and answer period), and face to face.


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