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Individual Coaching


$ 75.00

 For  1 hour

Fundamental/Chart analysis

How to choose your stocks

Bull/Bear market Analysis

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Individual Coaching

Individual coaching will be given one on one. I can suggest you brokers who charge cheaper comission price for stocks,options, foreign currencies (forex) trading! I will show you important aspects of trading. How to analyse overall market, and which sector does well under different circumstances. It will include Fundamentals and technical analysis to everything. Fundamental study will include analysis of Sales, Revenues,Profit,Cash flow and P/E,EPS,PEG,D/E,ROI,ROE ratios etc. Technical study will include how to draw Trend lines in any charts, how to draw Support and Resistance line, how to read Moving averages, EMA, MACD, Elliot wave, Fibonacci retracements, Bollinger band, ADX and drawing bull and bear flag on a chart. I will also teach you candlestick chart analysis which is used by most Wall Street Investors! I will also explain how to read bull or bear market. In addition, I will also provide you economic market calendar and show you how they impact on the market! I will show you exact enter and exit point in any stocks to be profitable. You will also learn some basics on options trading! You can bring any stocks names and we will analyse them together! I will also give you tips from my day trading experiences how to make money consistently from your investment!!

Most importantly you will learn the Analysis of the indices (S&P 500, Russell 2000, Nasdaq, Dow). It’s very important to have complete understanding of the indices behaviours since 75% of stocks move with respect to the indices movements. The coaching will also include topics like Market manipulation, Sector rotations, cyclical strength and weakness in the stock market and individual stocks. It will emphasize on risk management, profit taking strategies, mistakes made my most traders out of greed and fear. Above all Market timing, we will show you through analysis of stocks & indices when is the safe time to trade to maximize profits.

Options Strategies:I can teach you how to buy Calls,Put, Butterfly,Condor spread,Debit spread,Credit spread,Calendar spread, Bullish risk reversal etc!!

50$ / Hour

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