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    This elite site is for stock and options traders. Our goal is to consistently make profits under any market conditions with our daily analysis. We follow major cash flow investing trends in stocks by detecting institutional investors’ money.

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  • Why Us?

    We provide live trading ideas in our chat room and trading coaching either face to face or via emails. We analyze indices, market sentiment and institutional block trading (smart money) to select the best set ups to increase our gains. Our subscribers can watch us execute trades and learn how to implement trades on their own. Our trading ideas combined with our coaching, can help you maximize your profits. Read More +
  • LIVE TRADING ROOM (Accessible From Mobile Phones!)

    Join -> Watch our gains -> Learn how -> Trade like an expert -> Win! (make money!)

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  • Our Coaching Programs

    Stockoptionexpert offers two programs - Intensive & Extensive

    Objective: To develop an advanced capacity to interpret & better analyse stocks and markets, to be successful in the stock market.

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Taarriqq $AZN looks interesting,options data will be included in our weekly report, thanks to @optionsstats $spy $dia $QQQ
12:38PM Apr 20
Taarriqq $AAPL keeping close eye on institutionals flow into earnings, I nalied $aapl and $tsla mutiple times #earnings
11:57AM Apr 19
Taarriqq $NKE $NKE looks interesting here, double bottom and options flow on watch @optionsstats
12:06AM Apr 19